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Read messages from internationally known Rev.Dr. Williams for her expertise in counseling the elderly,  financial counseling, family economics, and resource management here intertwined with spiritual references.

Springing Forth: Growing Younger while Older.   newest book

Practical daily steps with Scriptures and songs suggest ways to "grow younger while older"  and deal with any loss.  Essays by various people address social issues of the elderly and provide edification and education.  Poems give praise, power, and courage.  Based on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and a complete search of the Scripture about aging. Springing Forth brings hope, renewal, and healing to those experiencing loss, affliction, or aging.  (334 pages, larger font and spacing)

Rev. Dr. Williams is professor emerita at Purdue University, minister, and world-wide speaker, musician, wife, and mother of three children, four grandchildren.

2017. WestBow Press.  A Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. 2016. ISBN No. 978-1-5127-1724-2 (SC), ISBN 978-1-5127-1725-9 (e). Order on-line or NOW!

Price discount is $21.00 (including postage and handling) when ordered from author. 765-474-4232, florawill@aol.com.  Order now!

The Shepherd’s Guide through the Valley of Debt and Financial Change:

: A Comprehensive Manual for Financial Management, Counseling, & Spiritual Guidance. (AuthorHouse. ISBN 978-1-4490-0572-6)Soft cover and  e-book ordered on-line. (Updated 2015)

Financial management.  Financial Literature.  Debt/credit management. Pastoral theology intertwined with counseling.   Economic theology.

    • Pastoral care and counseling. Crisis Management and responses to downturns
    • Working with low-income and the poor and other individuals/families
  • Premarital lessons and family communication. Family resource management.
  • Ideas for sermons, classes, one-to-one counseling, mentoring, devotions
  • How to save more, give more, buy well, use credit, get out of debt, get a job, budget and plan, fund college, make decisions, plan funerals, estate plan, retire
  • Technical subjects written in a “folksy style,” case studies for education ; Power over addictions  Overcoming disability, living with loss, handling chronic illnesses and pain are featured as well as other faith issues. Messages through 98 poems are life changing and thought provoking. They give hope, renewal, inspiration, and courage. Profound convictions in refreshing new ways are appropriate for seasonal, controversial, and personal interests.   Scripture is referenced. Poems are ideal for use in worship services, meetings, meal-time conversations, and personal devotions.

Illustrations and new models based on Williams’ 32 years of teaching/research at Purdue University, 25 years of directing a counseling center with clients from all economic levels, 5 years of study at Bethany Theological Seminary, 20 years as accredited financial counselor, and ministering.

Author Rev. Dr. Williams graduated from Manchester College, Purdue University, and Bethany Theological Seminary. She is Professor Emerita, was Director of an award financial crisis clinic, is Ordained Minister in the Church of the Brethren, Registered Financial Consultant, musician, and speaker.   Order from author 765-474-4232   florawill@aol.com. $20.50 includes postage and handling.  Order Now!

Hand in Hand with God: Witnessing on the Way (Publish America, 2006) ISBN: 1-4241-2147-7. Awareness of disability with ability to relearn, rearrange, and rebound as well as how to communicate about disability are featured. Author describes stages of grief after a tragic accident in Mexico leaving her disabled – now God-abled. More than sharing her faith journey, techniques for witnessing, education for making changes, and overcoming disability are themes. Filled with hope and inspiration, extraordinary events and miracles are reported –encounters with the Holy, messages through birds, God-incidences, and Scripture coming alive. The book is useful for study groups, personal devotions to new heights, and given as a gift to fortify belief.

 Read of the extraordinary experiences that will give you courage and hope.  In this inspiring book, Flora tells how by losing her hand, she found new ways to reach out to others.  An accident would have been a tragedy if it had not brought encounters with the Holy along the way.  Travel with her as she rearranges her life, piano playing and her environment.  Although disabled, she becomes God-abled.  Treatment of persons with disabilities is addressed.  Hope and education are intertwined with scripture.  This is a real life experience and a spiritual memoir

Price discount when ordered from author Flora Williams : $10.50 (includes postage) 765-474-4232, florawill@aol.com.  ORDER NOW!


Financial Literacy at Life Stages: Funding College, Retirement, Budgeting and Spending Plans, Employment, Responses to a Changing Economy, Credit and Debt ( 2015 Arolf Publishers (A Family Resource Management Manual.) Goals, Decisions, Earning, Spending, Response to Financial Crises. $16.50 from author Flora Williams. $15.00 for quantity. 765-474-4232, florawill@aol.com. ORDER NOW!!    




Renewal: A Collection of Flora's Poetry. Sp i r i t u a l   M e s s a g e s in this book give hope and are thought provoking. Sample is below.  ORDER NOW  from author Flora Williams for $8.00. 765-474-4232, forawill@aol.com.                                                                                               

 A Day the Lord Makes        by Flora Williams  © 2006 (1)


It is ten till seven.

Went to bed at eleven.

What will your day be?

Sad, happy, or free?


Ask, God you will receive. (John 1:12 NIV)

Seek, God you will find. (John 29:13 NIV)

Grasp opportunities coming your way.

Work with cosmic energy in your veins.


Serve with joy.

Take the bumps.

Dodge the arrows.

Then tonight return to rest.

Trusting God whom you attest.