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by Flora L. Williams, PhD, MDiv, RFC. Based on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and a complete search of the Scripture about aging. Practical and inspirational.  30 steps for conquering loss, afflictions, and aging.  Scripture and song. Social issues of the elderly.  Healing, hope, and empowerment.  Poetry for praise and renewal. Author is Professor Emerita at Purdue University, ordained minister, speaker, writer and poet.  Good for study groups and counseling. (334 pages, larger font and spacing). 2017 WestBow Press.  $21 for soft cover.  $20 for two or more. Order on-line or from author: 765-474-4232, florawill@aol.com. Order Now. ISBN 978-1-5127-1724-2 (SC). 978-1-5127-1725-9 (e-book)


See detailed outline below, short description of The Shepherd's Guide here.  Order Now from author $21.00 includes postage and handling), florawill@aol.com, 765-474-4232.

The Shepherd's Guide through the Valley of Debt and Financial Change

A Comprehensive Manual for

Financial Management, Counseling, and Spiritual Guidance


To improve professional, volunteer service, and ministry excellence and expertise through inspiration, technical information, and skills addressing the most relevant issues of people today.  ISBN  978-1-4490-0572-6 .  AuthorHouse  2015.


 * Ideas for personal use, classes, one-to-one counseling, mentoring, sermons, social work, and devotions combined with training in financial management

* Technical subjects written in a "folksy" style for education and enjoyment

*Crisis intervention and responses to economic downturns

*Premarital lessons, divorce decisions and family communication

- Working with low-income and poverty individuals and families

* Ways to save hundreds — to thousands of dollars, a sure return when applying ideas

* How to save more, give more, buy well, get a job, use credit, fund college, and retire  

* A theology of financial behavior, new models,  and pastoral care is applied to the journey to "release from captivity"



  Chapter Summaries and Outlines (The first 9 chapters of 14 chapters.  Write florawill@aol.comto get complete detailed outline - all 14 chapters).



            Following the Master Teacher

            Pioneering the Path

            Education and Training

            Seeking the Lost and Healing the Broken

            Responses to Questions before Becoming Shepherds of Financial Management


1.  The Shepherd's Guide to Financial Faithfulness


      Faithfulness  &  A Litany — The Good Fight of Faith

      The Great Shepherd's Call  &  Urgent call

Restoring the Financial Professional, Pastor, Compassion Minister, Educator, Financial Counselor, Mentor. Outreach Director, Helping Professional, Group Leader and Trainer, Financial Counselor, and Money Coach as Shepherd

      The Great Shepherd Walks with Shepherds in Financial Issues

      Equipped to Answer the Call

      Goals for Counseling in Financial Management

      Opportunities for Financial Counseling and Education toGive Hope

      Practice M's of Financial Ministry 

                Family Economics Framework for Guiding Faithfulness

                  Outcomes and Results of  Financial Activities

                  Flow Model of the Family Economy showing Influences

                  New Purposes and Rewards from Financial Management

      Step One is Setting Goals and Outcomes


2.  The Shepherd Tends to Those in Financial Management Steps and Crisis Intervention

        Financial Summary and Plan

Financial Management

                  Steps in Financial Management

                  Cash Flow Analysis

      Financial Counseling and Education

        Financial Management Counseling Areas

            Financial Management Recommendation Checklist

            Counseling Techniques in Financial Management

Questioning and Listening

                        Questions to Ask

                        Why People Do Not Listen

                        Supporting the Dream


Crisis Intervention Management

                                Illustrations of Financial Crises

                        Budget to Control the Bleeding

                        Time is of Essence

                        Technical and Spiritual Responses

                        Need for Warning

 Prayer for the Journey to Financial Recovery


 3.  In The Valley of the Shadows, Financial Management in Times of Distress

      Walking In the Storms - Symptoms of Financial Distress or Disorder

Fear Abounds

Financial Management Principles Inferred by Real People

Living Above One's Means - Means Reality or Trouble

Walking through the Valleys to Blessings with Mentor Programs

            Resource Power for Those Who Have Lost a Job

            Getting a Job or Position with the Shepherd's Guides

            Handling Office Politics — The Shepherd's Guide

            Transition from Homelessness or Midlife Crisis



      Financial Fitness and Faithfulness:  Change Exercises    


4.   Paths to Righteousness in Budgeting and Spending Plans, Analyzing Expenditures

 Budgets or Spending Plans

      Analyzing and Questioning Expenses for Changes

                  The Can Plan

      Moving Out to Independence with Choices

      Financial Management Notebook System: Plan, Control, Record, and Evaluate

      Plans or Budgets Geared to Priorities for Determining Income Needed

Techniques, Tricks and System that have Worked for the Manager

      Cash Flow Analysis

      Shepherd's Guide for Counseling and Crisis Intervention Sessions

      Financial Planner's Guide: Financial Assessment and Planning   


5.  Call to Change Financial Management through Counseling Paths

      Underlying Emotional and Social Problems in Financial Management

            Love-Based Approach: A Spiritual Program of Recovery

                        Group Benefits

            Financial Management to Change Cognitive Behavior

            Facing Reality and Responses to Counselors about Financial Management

            Recommendations to Change Based on Knowledge, Willingness, and Ability

                        Techniques for Overcoming the Barrier of Identity

                        The Challenge

            Prayer about Change: "Serenity Prayer"           


6.   Financial Management Unique to Life Stages


Singles Labeled as "Independent Stage"

      Beginning Families Labeled as "Adjustment Stage"

      Young Children "Accumulation"

      Grade School and Junior High Children "Expanding Stage"

      High School Youth "Middle Stage"

      Divorce Decisions

      Remarried or Blended Families "Readjustment Stage"

      Older Youth "Launching Stage"

                  The Shepherd's Role with Youth, Wanderers, and Nomads

                  College or Trade School Decisions and Encouragement

                  Funding College or Trade School

      Retirement Decisions "Contracting OR Expanding Stage"

      After Retirement "Senior Stage"

      Stage of the Final Journey - Funerals and Memorials

      Communicating the Move for Parents, Changes and Fears: An Interview


 7.   The Shepherd Marries the Couple:  Premarital Counseling for a Journey of Love and Business, Communicating About Money  

      Theology for the Journey, famnily economic issues, practical commitments

      Premarital Counseling in Financial Management

      Building Blocks for a Foundation for the New Love Union & the New Business

      What is Wrong with the Following Actions?

      Are You Ready for Love and Economics? Where is Development Necessary?

      Reality Game for Real

      Choosing a New Household Management System

      Communication Comedy in a Real Couple

      Choosing Between a Christian and a Conventional Marriage

      Ten Tips to Help You Talk to Your Honey about Money by S. Solomon

      Managing Disagreement and Conflict Over Money Within Couples by S. Danes

                  The Two-Way Part of Difficult Communication

                  Showing Respect in Communication

                  Make Criticism Productive

                  Silent Communication

                  Position Yourself in Your Circle of Influence

                  Managing Disagreement & Conflict over Money — Worksheet 1 and 2

                  Nature of Money Disagreements and Conflicts



8.  Leading to Greener Pastures and Still Waters through Financial Management

The challenge on the path is to maximize income, know buying principles, be aware of rising expectations during decreasing real income, reduce expenses, shop efficiently, and be aware of the wolves.  Tools for acting as wise as serpents in decisions about housing, energy use, insurance, food, and others are identified.

              Hazards Along the Way

              Hazard on the Road — The Wolves

                        Preventive Action

                        Friendly Persuaders

                        Elderly Abuse

                        Saying "No"

                        Rapid Response if Victimized

           Hazard on the Road — Insurance & Choice of Deductible for Car Insurance

           Hazard on the Road — Change in Business Cycle,  

            Divorce Insurance

            Diversification of Income and Savings or Investment

            Credibility Insurance

            Income Needed Along the Road

            Community Resources as Expanded Income

                        Tax Credits and Breaks

           The Challenges in Spending

                        Comparing before Buying or Traveling

                        Comparing Total Costs: Interest, Upkeep, Utilities Over Time

                        Principles of Buying

           Analyzing and Reducing Food Costs

           Child Care Arrangements

           Analyzing and Reducing Transportation Costs

           Analyzing and Reducing Housing Costs

                        How Much House Can One Afford?

                        Initial Cost of Home Ownership

                        Reducing Closing Costs

                        Down Payment Possibilities

                        Prepayment of Mortgage Decision

               Energy Use and Reduction

               Housing Cost Reductions

               Steps to Meet Threats of Foreclosure

   Proceeding with Consumer Rights

           Communication in Uncertain Times (A Summary)


9.  Not Enough Pasture for the Poor With Us

            Shepherd's Role — Anointed to Give Good News to the Poor

      Definitions of Poverty

            Who are the Poor Among Us?

            Discrimination or Insensitivity

            Single Parents

Intervention in the Poverty Cycle

            The Shepherd's Intervention in the Poverty Cycle

                        The Shepherd as Part of a Team


                        Invitation and Assistance

            Government Intervention in the Poverty Cycle with Programs

                        Income Sources and Resources

                        Educational Intervention in the Poverty Cycle

                        Employment as Intervention in the Poverty Cycle

Mobilizing Resources

            Mobilizing Resources for Marvin

            Setting Policies about Giving to Strangers and Members

            Sharing Church Resources

            Sharing the Gifts

The Shepherd Guides in Counseling

            Conversations that Count, Cure

            Responsibility with Money Issues         

                  Spirituality, Hope, and Welcoming

Shepherds Meet the Challenges with Diverse Programs

Scenarios for Education and Action

WIC — Women, Infants and Children — A Case Study

      The Prisoner and the Sentenced Family — A Case Study

Salvation Army Fights Poverty

Ryan Works with Homeless Children Who Teach Him

Prayer Led by James 1 and 2


10. Out of the Snares of Spending and Gambling Addictions

11.  Caught in the Thickets of Credit and Debt

12.  Light Side of the Money Trail - Saving, Investing, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning

13.  Sharing the Pasture - Generosity and Stewardship

14.   Spirituality of Financial Rebirth

Renewal:A Collection of Flora's Poetry.  Messages give hope and are thought provoking.  Scripturally referenced.  A variety of relevant and exciting topics. Pages 144.   Order Now from author $8.00, (includes postage and handling)  florawill@aol.com, 765-474-4232

Hand in Hand with God: Witnessing on the Way. Travel with Flora as she loses a hand in Mexico on a tour van.  Go through the stages of grief to victory.  Encounter the Holy on the way with God-incidences, the extraordinary, and miracles.  Learn to rearrange life and activities. Discuss with her how to handle disabilities and people who do not understand.  Publish America 2015.  $10.00 (includes postage and handling) florawill@aol.com, 765-474-4232.