Flora L. Williams, PhD, MDiv, RFC
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Reviews of The Shepherds Guide through the Valley of Debt and Financial Change

*  "This is a valuable resource, especially in this time of economic uncertainty.  Dr.  Flora Williams skillfully combines her gift of financial expertise with spiritual integrity.  This book challenges, inspires, and provides practical handles for those guiding others through the financial dilemmas most of us face.  Jesus spoke of the power of money often in his ministry, a sure directive to the church to do the same."  Marilyn Lerch, Pastor, Pennsylvania and TRIM Coordinator, Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership.


*  "Dr. Williams' depth of knowledge and experience of  the "big picture" in financial planning is evident in  this book.  She does a great job exploring the stumbling blocks on the road to financial security for individuals, families and the culture-at-large."  Linda Davis, Minister and Executive Director of the Pregnancy Center, Bakersfield, California.


*  "With practicality and compassion, Flora imparts information for those hurting emotionally, socially, martially, and financially.  It teaches money coaches how to look beyond the symptoms."  Cheryl Nettleman, Financial Advisor and Director of New Focus, Covenant Church, West Lafayette, Indiana.



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